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Best of Show Award


Kara Castro
(530) 632-9592
watercolor on paper
10" x 20"
Kudos from Peter Trippi: "First and foremost, this is virtuoso craftsmanship… it's extremely difficult to get watercolor to do this, and the artist has pulled it off brilliantly. The asymmetrical composition is intriguing, as the close cropping at left keeps us from fully knowing the sitter, and the darkness at right is ambiguous. The reflections of what seems to be a doorway in her eyes and tears hint at a story, but do not get overly specific. Indeed, this image avoids sentimentality and mawkishness adeptly: the model does not really seem to be suffering, and we almost feel that she is collaborating with the artist to (successfully) convey these effects. The articulation of the girl's hairs is extraordinary, both compositionally and technically."
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